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We LOVE Hard Cider!

Lately we have noticed a huge increase in the number of sales for our hard ciders.  I don't know whether that is because we have one of the largest hard cider selections in the state and people are finally finding this out, or just because cider in the U.S. of A. is making an epic comeback.  Whichever way it is, we are quite happy about this evolution, take a minute and checkout our selection from around the world!

Updated on 11/22/2015


Forgotten Ciders The Gambler
"An Old Timer started this orchard and it is with this cider that we pay tribute to him. He would go to "work" playing poker to help fund the purchase of more apple trees. His winnings grew the orchard to over 1,000 different apple varities. His passion for both of these activites is what has inspired us to follow our passion to create the best cider possible. As you enjoy this easy sippin' yet robust cider, take time to honor those who have paved the way for all of us. "Here's to you, Gramps!"" Fermented with 120 varieties of apples, well balanced, smooth all day drinker, semi-dry. Available in 750 ml bottles.

Forgotten Ciders The Wildling
"The Wildling exists in our hopes and our fears, it tickles our senses in the darkness of night, it teases our emotions with its elusiveness. The unexplored and hidden places still harbor these magnificent beings, just out of sight and out of reach.The Wildlings endeavors to rise from their obscurity and take back that which is rightfully theirs. This cider embodies their soul." Fruit forward with high carbonation. Drinks more like a sparkling wine. Semi-dry. Available in 750 ml bottles.

Forgotten Ciders Private Stash

"When making hard cider there is always a favorite batch. This is one of these batches. We mixed over 150 of our best apple varieties to create the distinct cider giving it a taste unable to be replicated anywhere. We hoped to keep this unique blend for personal use, but decided that this complex cider had to be shared with friends. Cheers!" Winner of a Sliver Medal at the 2014 Great Lakes Cider and Perry International Contest. 150 varieties of apples fermented together to make a very complex, uniquely dry, old world type cider. Available in 750 ml bottles.

J.K.'s Scrumpy Hard Cider Farmhouse Organic
Orchard Gate Gold as a unique Artisan Michigan Farmhouse Cider, somewhere between English Scrumpy and a Normandy Cidre.  After the harvest, we press our organic apples and allow them to slowly ferment for up to six months. We then carefully hand-fill and label each bottle and let it age for several weeks to properly condition.  There are only two ingredients in our Orchard Gate Gold: Apple Juice and Yeast. No artificial flavors or colors and - of course - no sulfite nor preservatives of any kind. 
Available in 22 oz bottles.

J.K.'s Scrumpy The Pair
Two farms, two farmers, two fruits to make one cider fermented at Almar Orchards. A fine pair indeed! This pear and apple cider is a sweet style.
Available in 22oz bottles.

Left Foot Charley Classic Hard Apple Cider

The apples in this blend of dry cider are relics from an American era that cannot exist again. They were cultivated throughout the 1700-1900s but nearly disappeared as time and culture changed. These apples go back to a time when pies cooled on window sills, when storage in earth cellars was vital for winter survival. Cider was the common drink. Cider brought us to where we are now, but during prohibition we nearly let it slip away to memory. Preservation of the heirloom varieties like Baldwin, Rhode Island Greening, Winesap, York Imperial, Arkansas Black, Smith's and Jonathan will ensure that these relics continue to fuel the dreams for our future. 
Available in 500 ml bottles.

Left Foot Charley Cinnamon Girl
This is a classic combination - apples and cinnamon. The apples are harvested from two farms on the Old Mission Peninsula and allowed to age off the tree for 4-8 weeks prior to pressing. This allows the starch in the fruit to convert into sugar making the apple sweeter and softer. The juice is fermented in stainless steel for 6 weeks. It is then removed from the yeast before all of the sugar has been consumed leaving a balanced natural sweetness. Whole cinnamon sticks are then added and steeped in the cider for 4-6 weeks. Available in 500 ml bottles.

Left Foot Charley Antrim Apple Cider
This is a single origin cider grown by Ron Boals and family. We chose this blend for its striking acidity and fresh, juicy apple character. This cider has snap! The apples were picked in October and allowed to age off the tree to soften and further ripen the fruit. The juice was cold fermented in stainless steel and stopped short of dryness to retain natural residual sweetness. No sugar has been added. We blend and bottle this cider in small batches to retain freshness. Available in 500 ml bottles.

J. Trees Farmhouse Hard Cider
A crisp, refreshing dry cider, fermented by the wild yeast that occur naturally in the orchard. Enjoy complex fermentation flavors with citrus undertones. Made from the farm, for the farm. 
Available in 750 ml bottles.

Uncle John's Blueberry-Apple Hard Cider
Semisweet Blush. The base starts as our Uncle John’s fresh apple cider which we ferment and blend with rich Michigan Blueberry Juice. This carbonated blush showcases the elegant flavors of ripe blueberries and finishes soft on your palette. Available in 4-pack 16oz cans.

Vander Mill Hard Cider
We use a unique blend of Michigan apples to balance acidity and fresh apple flavors. This is a very approachable cider that is lightly carbonated and should be served cold in a pint glass.  
Available in 4-pack 16oz cans. Currently out of stock.

Vander Mill Nunica Pine

Opposites attract in this limited release seasonal specialty. Our Hard Apple cider provides a base of unmatched fruit and acidity, while Columbus hops unveil an earthy bitterness no other cider can match. 
 Available in 4-pack 16oz cans.

St. Julian Cherry Gunga Din Cider
Cherry Gunga-Din captures the true essence of fresh Michigan apples and cherries! Delicious Montemorency cherries leap from the glass, followed by hints of almond on the palate.  Available in 22oz bottles. 

Tandem Ciders Green Man

Semi-Dry cider made entirely from Rhode Island Greening apples. I think we taste the bright and citrusy skin of the Greening. Moreish and super refreshing! This easy-drinker is ideal for an every day sipper. Available in 750 ml bottles.

Tandem Ciders Sunny Day
Fruit-forward cider made from Ida Red and Golden Delicious apples. Little drops of sunshine! Available in 750 ml bottles. 

Tandem Ciders Crabster

Bittersharp crab apples provide the acidity and tannins (and namesake) to this cider. Fermented near-dry (0.25% residual sugar), The Crabster can pair with any dish; giving balance to sweet foods, while paralleling sharp or rich foods. Available in 750 ml bottles.

Tandem Ciders Early Day
Semi-dry, this food friendly cider sports an appley nose we attribute to the apple Famuese. This one is a longtime staff favorite! Pair it with hearty dishes like stuffed squash, grilled bratwurst, or beef stew! Available in 750 ml bottles.

Tandem Ciders Pretty Penny
A blend of over thirty varieties of cider and antique apples. At the end of the season, Mr. Kilcherman cleans up his barn and we get all those unique apples.  Apple Growers: Christmas Cove Orchards  

Available in 750 ml bottles.  

Tandem Ciders Smakintosh
The cider everyone’s talking about. Sweet apple flavor and 4% residual sugar makes for a real crowd pleaser. People drive from far (very far) and near to guzzle this deliciously apple-y hard cider! If you're looking for a POP of sweet apple flavor, without the syrup-sugar quality, this one will do you nicely. Available in 750 ml bottles and 4-pack 16 oz cans (new)!

Tandem Ciders Farmhouse
Semi-dry cider pressed from 5 late-season apple varieties. Aged in new American Oak barrels for 4 months. Available in 750 ml bottles.

Tandem Ciders The Sweetheart
Jonathan, Rhode Island Greening, and Red Delicious. Slightly sweet and crisply tart - is that citrus in the nose? The Jonathan was discovered in an orchard in 1826. 
Available in 750 ml bottles.

Tandem Ciders Sweet William

Also called the “Williams Pear”, this Perry is made from 100% Bartlett Pears. Fermented and then filtered while still containing some of its natural sugars, Sweet William is certain to make everyone smile. Available in 750 ml bottles. 

Tandem Ciders Pretty Please
…with a cherry on top! This year’s response to the Cherry-Oh is made with 100% Balaton Cherries, fermented to 1% residual sugar, with no added sugar. 
Available in 750 ml bottles. 

Virtue Cider The Publican Cider 
If you like funky wines—maybe wishing that buttery chardonnay had some complex barnyardy characteristics, you will appreciate this food-friendly cider blended with Chef Paul Kahan. Chef Paul Kahan took full advantage of our library of cider flavors, blending together an alchemy of ciders from our barrel house to create a cider at once complex and accessible. Available in 750 ml bottles.

Virtue Cider Offalgood
As San Francisco Chef Chris Cosentino began planning his latest Bay Area restaurant, Cockscomb, he decided early on that a proprietary cider would be a part of the menu. Chef Cosentino spent his days at Virtue Farm tasting barrels and tanks, blending with our cider maker, exploring Cider Coast orchards, and meticulously searching for the right cider. The resulting drink is a full-bodied blend, available at Cockscomb and at the Virtue Farm Bottle Shop. Available in 750 ml/bottles.

Black Star Farms Hard Apple Cider

This is a is a delightful cider made from a blend of eight different apples. When served cold this sparkling cider is aromatic and refreshing like a Honeycrisp apple from the farm market! When served as a mulled cider it becomes sweeter and more intensely aromatic highlighting the aromas and flavors from the mulling spices. It is perfect for tail gates, night by the fire, or after a long day of raking leaves! 

Available in 750 ml bottles. Special order only, currently out of stock!

Northville Winery Half Nelson

A dryer hopped hard cider and my own personal favorite of the 3 we carry (notwithstanding that, they are all great!) 
Available in 500 ml bottles.

Northville Winery Crimson Dew

"A blend of cider apples and local Balaton cherry juice.  The Crimson Dew is more of a cider accented by cherries with a clean flavor and tart, tannic finish. The result is incredibly drinkable—it doesn't get cloying halfway through the bottle." 
Available in 500 ml bottles. Currently out of stock.

Sietsema's Traditional Dry Hard Cider
Our take on the traditional American cider. We use champagne yeast to give our Yellow Label a carbonated kick, resulting in a full-bodied beverage that is dry, tart and just a little sweet. Available in 750 ml bottles. 

Sietsema's Dry Hopped Cider
We combine the frinest local hops with our freshly grown apples allowing the mix to age for a period of two weeks. The result is an unbeatable fusion of hoppy bite and tangy fruit goodness. Available in 750 ml bottles.

Sietsema's Barrel Aged Cider
After letting our Yellow Label mature in an oak bourbon barrel, it comes out Orange: a smoother, earthier cider with less dryness and more complexity for the cider connoisseur. 
Available in 750 ml bottles. 

Sietsema's Slightly Sweet Cider
For those who like their cider sweet. We stop fermentation just in time to retain the apples' residual sugars; and you get a complex blend of citrusy sweetness with an underlying dryness with notes of pineapple and banana. Available in 4-pack 16 oz cans!

Blake's Hard Cider Catawampus
One sip of Catawampus and you'll taste the dry-hopped goodness. Another sip and you'll savor the delicate citrus notes. A third sip and you'll wonder why you've only been sipping. Available in 22 oz bottles.

Blake's Hard Cider Chapeau Brun
The rewards of patient craftsmanship are un-mistakenly expressed in our Chapeau Brun. We exercise the traditional method of Keeving, which is the enzymatic process where the resultant nutrient deficient juice creates a naturally sweet, sparkling cider. Savor the complex aromas of honeyed apples and forest floor followed by a refreshingly crisp acidity and gentle sweetness. Available in 750 ml bottles.

Blake's Hard Cider El Chavo
We like spicing things up. That's why we put dimmers on the lights in our Cider House. And it's why we created this sweet, heated blend of habanero pepper, mango and our famous Blake's apples. Experience a hard cider that's really, honestly, truly like no other. Experience El Chavo.
Available in 22 oz bottles.

Blake's Hard Cider Flannel Mouth 
In the world of hard ciders, this is the smooth talker. The one who throws out compliments to complete strangers. With a flavor that's easy on the taste buds, Flannel Mouth has just enough sweet to make the other beers blush.
Availabe in 22 oz bottles.


NEW! Welcome Back to “The Mitten” Eric Bordelet Ciders!

In 1992, Eric Bordelet, a sommelier who trained in some of Paris’ top restaurants, returned to southern Normandy to take over his family’s estate and orchards.  With the encouragement of his close friend, the iconic vigneron Didier Dageneau of Pouilly-sur-Loire, he began producing artisanal ciders from apples and pears—ciders without equal that draw closer comparisons to fine, vintage wine than to beer. Over the years, he has revolutionized the cider industry by bringing it into restaurants, high-end wine shops and export markets around the world. He uses the old French spelling for cider,“Sydre” and “Sidre,” to name his bottlings.


Eric Bordelet Poire Authentique (France)
This is true pear cider with just a hint of residual sugar. We could get out the wine terms for this, but tasting is believing. Very classy stuff with the texture and taste of ripe pears. Good acidity and length make this an excellent food match, especially with cheese. 
Available in 750 ml bottles.


Eric Bordelet Sydre Argelette (France)
This is Bordelet’s special cuvée for apples. Named after what the elders called the large and small rock formations which dominate the area, this is a truly “Grand Cru” cider. The apples are crushed and left to macerate on their skins for 3-5 days for some serious extraction of flavor. The apples used are 40% sweet, 40% bitter, and 20% acidic (sour), and the finished cider contains approximately 3% residual sugar. Off dry, but with good acidity and some tannins from the skins, it is best after aging in the bottle for 1 year. 
Available in 750 ml bottles.

2010 Poma Aurea, Sidra de Asturias (Spain)
Poma Aurea is a hard apple cider from Sidra Trabanco located in the Asturias region town of Gijon. This Sidra is made with a selection of indigenous apple varieties from the best local orchards. These apples were meticulously hand sorted and pressed using traditional old wooden presses. The must was then transferred to select old barrels where it underwent fermentation using indigenous yeast. Once fermentation was complete the sidra was put into bottle with apple must to initiate secondary fermentation. It fermented for six months before being disgorged. This product is named Poma Áurea for the special golden color of this unique cider.  
Available in 750 ml bottles.

Famille L. Dupont, Pommeau de Normandie (France)
Pommeau is produced by blending Calvados d'Appellation d'Origine Controlee, aged at least one year, and apple must. Apple must is the juice obtained just after pressing before fermentation begins. The mixture is obtained by successive additions of eau-de-vie. The respective quantities of must and Calvados are calculated in such a way as to obtain an alcoholic strength of 18%. After aging, the final percentage is 17%.  Available in 750ml/bottles.


Bordato 'Basandere' Sagarno (Basque, France)

Bordatto Basadere, Cidre Sagarno, named for the “wild woman” of Basque mythology, is a hearty, unfiltered, acidic cider that is made with a blend of 30 estate-grown, heirloom apple varieties. All the way from the French Basque country to our Produce Station . This is funky stuff!  Available in 750 ml bottles. 

Bordato 'Basajaun' (Basque, France)
Each of the different apple varietals are fermented seperately with indigenous yeast for 6 months. Bottled aged for 3 months before release. Mild carbonation occurs naturally in bottle, no dosage. There is 10g/L of residual sugar. Available in 750 ml bottles.  

Le Brun Cidre (Brittany, France)
This cider presents lightly sweet, fruity and then develops to be more dry as the taste goes on. Tannins feel fairly high, acidity is moderate and a fairly bitter/sharp to end, with a mild hint of wood in the aftertaste. This cider has a juicy feel to it, but also has depth and character. Available in 750 ml bottles.

Manoir de Grandouet Cidre Fermier Brut (Normandy, France)
This farmhouse cider displays complex aromas of stone and tree fruits along with dried hay, smoky leather and rustic overtones. On the palate, it shows flavors of bruised apples and pears. It has a good balance between a subtle sweetness, tannins and acidity. Lovers of traditional cider will appreciate this cider of authentic character.
Available in 750 ml bottles.

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