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Friday October 31, 2014


Brussels Sprouts on the stalk!
We are ALL about these awesome Brussels Sprouts stalks! They are super neat looking and will definitely catch the eye of your guests at your next dinner party.  The benefits of the stalk go beyond just appearance, your sprouts will stay fresher if they are left on the stalk! You'll get a good amount of life out of your Brussels Sprouts if you leave them attached to their stalks and cut off when you're ready to cook.  Check out some of Bon Appetit Magazine's favorite
Brussels Sprouts recipes!

Fuyu Persimmons are a fall favorite!
This is a nice sweet fruit that is only around in the fall.  When selecting Fuyu persimmons, look for ones that are yellow-orange in color and firm to the touch. Fuyus will stay firm for two or three weeks at room temperature. Eventually, after about three weeks, they will soften somewhat like the Hachiya. At this stage, some people feel the Fuyu's sweetness reaches its peak. Check out some Fuyu Persimmon recipes here! Also check out our Hachiya Persimmons! Hachiyas are very tart unless super ripe.  You'll be able to tell if they're ripe by their texture.  Look for SUPER soft persimmons that give a lot when pressed lightly.  Their centers will be very soft and almost creamy. They've got a pumpkin-like flavor and are great for baking! Learn more about Persimmons here!

Bartlett Pears are here!
Boasting the ‘quintessential pear flavor’, ‘Harrow Sweet’ Bartletts are just what you’re looking for when you’re craving a ripe, clean tasting pear!  This varietal is also known as the sweetest Bartlett pear. They also do great in canning purposes! Grab yourself a couple of baskets this weekend for canning, pear butter or a crisp! 

Bosc Pear Baskets
Dark tan with long, tapered necks- Boscs are possibly the most versatile of all the pears! They have a sweet and creamy flavor that develops early, even before they’re ripe to the touch.  This means that Bosc pears can be used when they’re still on the firm side, making them ideal for poaching, sautéing or baking!  Bosc pears are also a welcomed addition to a cheese board! Think Gorgonzola and brie!
Try our Bosc pears in this recipe for Poached Pear and Brown Butter Tart from Food & Wine

Also check out our Starkcrimson Pears- named for their BRIGHT red skin! They’re a mild, slightly floral pear and are simple gorgeous served on salad! Comice Pears are known as the sweetest pear variety! Their creamy texture and juicy sweetness make them a luscious snack to eat as is or served with fine cheeses! Be sure to grab a few Asian Pears too! These pears look similar to golden apples and have a similar crunchy texture. They are juicy with a low-acid, mild flavor that makes them very versitile! Try them in this recipe for Asian Pear and Arugula Salad with Goat Cheese from Food & Wine!

Michigan Apples are really making it feel like fall!
Grab them by the half-peck!
• Michigan Fugi Apples: this is the “September Wonder” variety, known for its red blush and creamy, tangy flesh.
• Michigan Golden Supreme Apples: an early offspring of the Golden Delicious variety; golden in color, no acid, mildly sweet & very juicy!
• Michigan Honeycrisp Apples: everyone’s favorite! We look forward to that SNAP from the first bite of a sweet Honeycrisp apple all year long! These apples are quite possibly the best fresh eating apple we’ll get all season.
• Michigan Gala Apples: pink exterior, sweet flavor, keeps well!
• Michigan McIntosh Apples: crisp red apples with a nice, refreshing flavor. Often used to make cider.
• Michigan Jonathan Apples: “prized for its tangy flavor. Great for cooking or adding some snap to your cider!”
• Michigan Ruby McIntosh Apples: juicy fruits with a pleasing tartness and hints of raspberry and spice!
• Michigan Swiss Gourmet Apples: a rich and balanced flavor. Great for pies and fresh eating!
• Michigan Red Cortland Apples: sweet and tart, very crisp! Awesome on a salad or in a slaw.

Heirloom Apples have arrived!
- Hudson's Golden Gem: perhaps the finest eating russet with crisp, breaking, sugary flesh and a distinct nutty flavor resembling Bosc pears!
- Caville Blanc D'Hiver: this is the classic dessert apple in France! It is know for keeping its unique shape while baking
- Lady Apples: these tiny little apples are full of sweet-tart flavor! Their flesh is not as crispy as some other apples, its rather creamy and is accentuated by the apples' pleasent flavor!
- Pomm Grise: rich, nutty and arromatic! A cross between Golden Delicius and the Duchess apple. It has a mild pear-like flavor.

Celery Root a.k.a Celeriac a.k.a One of the most versatile roots out there!
The ugly, gnarly root of the celery plant is surprisingly flavorful and useful! Its texture is much like a starchy potato and its flavor is reminiscent of fresh celery but a little sweeter and more balanced. This root is ultra versatile and cooking-friendly! Remember to always peel your celery root, then try slicing it thinly on a mandolin and serving it raw in a slaw or salad with a light vinegar based dressing. You could also cube it and roast it with spices, onions and your other fave root veggies! Another option is roasting it, and then pureeing the cooked celery root with sautéed onions, garlic and herbs for a smooth, creamy, flavorful soup!

Michigan Squash, now in season!
Right now we have the following squash in the house:

• Black Futsu Squash: a rare Japanese black squash; black exterior will fade to a deep brown color over time; golden flesh with a rich flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts.

• Buttercup Squash: this “Burgess” variety of buttercup squash has a super sweet flavor and is stringless- making it great for baking or even steaming. Try mashing it as a substitute for mashed potatoes! This is the nicest buttercup squash our produce buyers have ever tasted!

• Delicata Squash: slender and oval shaped, delicate “buttered corn” flavor, creamy pulp, very versatile.

• Butternut Squash: a classic in fall recipes, thin rind that can be peeled with vegetable peeler, sweet & nutty flavor.  

• Acorn Squash: thick rind, mildly sweet flavor, great for roasting! One squash can feed four people.

• “Thelma Sanders” White Acorn Squash: an heirloom acorn variety; white flesh that becomes very buttery when cooked; very pleasant & balanced flavor.

• Sweet Dumpling Squash: this is the “Heart of Gold” variety; tender flesh and sweet flavor, the size of a large apple and covered in green stripes, you can eat the peel! Simply cut in half and roast, serve one half squash per person.

• Apple Dumpling Squash: a yellow striped variety of Sweet Dumpling, excellent for stuffing.

• Hubbard Squash: grey and red in color; very large and tear drop shaped with big ridges and bumps covering exterior; will last very long and stores well; flesh is orange and sweet tasting; the hard exterior flesh is not consumable; similar in flavor to pumpkins; best cooking method is baking flesh side down until soft

• Red and Grey Baby Hubbard Squash: smaller Hubbard-shaped fruit that have fine-grained, gold flesh that is quite sweet

• Spaghetti Squash: mild flavor; cut in half then roast in a water bath until tender; once cooked, shred the flesh with a fork, the cooked squash strands resemble spaghetti! Serve with butter and S&P or with tomato sauce.

• Pie Pumpkins: huge supply of beta carotene! Thick & creamy flesh, excellent for using in pies & soups!

Michigan Mixed Roasting Peppers!
We love these peppers and so will you!  Mix and match to create a color and flavor bomb in your oven or grab a container of Michigan mixed roasting peppers! We suggest simply hitting them with some olive oil, S & P and throwing into in a hot oven!  Get a nice char on them and they are ready to go!  You’ll end up with a variety of sweet and mild flavors that are perfect to spice up a salad, pair with a steak, or serve on a sandwich.  You’ll find poblanos, banana, hot and sweet roasters and sweet orange peppers - just to name a few! They’re so sweet and have a fruity flavor that’s exacerbated by roasting or grilling!

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