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February 25, 2016
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Grapefruits Galore!

Melogold Grapefruits are known as the very sweetest grapefruit variety. The sweetest grapefruit flavor lies underneath their thick, bright yellow skin and hefty pith. When zested, Melogolds exude a gorgeous, perfumed citrus fragrance. Try our White Grapefruit if you’re looking for tart, mild flavor. Their large, juicy segments are very plump and their translucent ivory color makes them really stand out on a salad! Digging into a classic Red Grapefruit will never be out of style. From juice to dressings to marinades to simply eating with a sprinkle of sugar, you cannot go wrong with a delicious, refreshing Red Grapefruit!

Honey Tangerines are the sweetest citrus right now! 

The sweet, burnt orange, squat little fruits we all crave have finally showed up at The Produce Station! Florida Honey Tangerines are the sweetest tangerine variety and are coveted for their full-bodied, honey-sweet flavor. Their season only lasts from January through April, so grab these little juice bombs when you see them! Keep in mind that they won’t last very long after you buy them, so you’ll want to make sure you purchase smooth and heavy feeling Honey Tangerines just before you plan to eat them. 
Try our House-Made Honey Tangerine Juice too! Available for a limited time!

Use Meyer Lemons to add clean flavor to seasonal dishes!

A beautiful cross between a regular lemon and a tangerine, Meyer Lemons are lower in acid than a typical lemon with a mild-sweet flavor and wonderful fragrance. They’re especially great in desserts and conversely in savory dishes where the astringency of a typical lemon would be overpowering. Need some inspiration? Check out the LA Times list of 100 things to do with a Meyer lemon!

Blood Oranges are trendy and delicious!
Among the nutritious yet not-so-exciting greens, squash, and root vegetables you see in copious amounts in our store, nothing breaks up mundane meals quite like also-in-season blood oranges! Their vibrant, dark ruby color and subsequent red juice are reasons enough to incorporate blood oranges into your winter fare, but wait until you taste these guys. They’re sweet with very little acidity and a slight raspberry flavor. Try using blood oranges in savory dishes. We love to add segmented blood oranges to salads of bitter greens with caramelized shallots, toasted nuts, crumbled crisp prosciutto, and a light lemony dressing. 

Seville Oranges make wonderful marmalade!

These ugly looking oranges are known for their SOUR flavor and great versatility! Famously sour, tart and sometimes bitter- Seville oranges are just right to use in sweet marmalade recipes! Just make sure you separate the rough skin, pith, and plethora of seeds before use in recipes! If you’re feeling creative, soak some Seville orange segments in a bottle of whiskey or vodka for an infused liqueur perfect for cocktails!

We’ve got Heirloom Navel Oranges, and you need to try them!

In the coldest months of the year, who doesn’t need a little bump of Vitamin C? If you love a BOLD citrus taste, with mild acidity, go for the heirloom navel. They almost taste like orange candy!

It wouldn’t be winter without California Clementines!
Their easy to peel skin, pull apart segments, and zippy-sweet flavor make clementines from Cali a winter treat you cannot pass up! Pop a few in your kids’ lunchboxes! Even little hands don’t have trouble peeling these fruits.

Cara Cara Navel Oranges are a perennial favorite! 

Cara Cara oranges originated at the Hacienda de Cara Cara in Valencia, Venezuela. This variety have a bright orange peel and an absolutely lovely, raspberry-pink colored flesh. They taste sweet, with undertones of cherry and a low acid profile. Very juicy and best when eaten fresh, Cara Caras are great in cooked sauces or citrus salads!

Israeli Fuyu Persimmons are tasting wonderful!

It’s widely known not to eat a persimmon until it’s perfectly ripe. This usually means letting the fruit become extremely soft, however, not in the case of Israeli Fuyu persimmons. These pumpkin-orange, squat fruits can be consumed firm. Their texture is similar to uncooked squash, and they’ve got a sweet flavor reminiscent of pears and dates. Ripe persimmons have little astringency and no tannins, making them seem even sweeter tasting.

Fresh Garbanzo Beans aka chickpeas are here!

These football shaped, light green pods are each filled with 2 to 3 garbanzo beans. Though fresh chickpeas may look a little different than their beige-colored, canned counterpart, they’re just as easy to incorporate into recipes. Try preparing them as you would edamame for a fun finger food: steam them in their pods then salt heavily. Give ‘em a little squeeze and the tender, sweet beans will pop right out of the pods! Alternatively, you can just as easily pop the pods onto a hot skillet or grill and let them char lightly before serving for a nice smoky pop of flavor! 

Larry Ann Purple Plums are an early spring treat!

In the words of Mike Ready (our produce buyer), “these are my favorite winter plum variety” translation: They are nice and sweet, and probably one of the best tasting wintertime fruits! Now’s a perfect time to try them in a rustic tart or pie! Don’t miss our funky-looking Lemon Drop Plums too! They start out bright yellow then gradually turn pinkish-orange as they ripen. This variety tastes like a traditional plum with a lemony kick!

Fresh Horseradish Root makes the zippiest sauces ever!

This flavorful root will brighten up the heartiest of winter roasts! The secret to utilizing fresh horseradish to its fullest potential is to embrace your cheese grater! Grate over your next pot roast or hearty pasta dish for a bracing KICK of flavor. We also recommend Alton Brown’s recipe for Horseradish Cream Sauce!
Are you preparing a traditional Seder dinner this Passover? Learn more about how to prepare fresh horseradish for your meal here!

Don’t miss these other seasonal produce picks!

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Produce subject to change without notice! We like to keep things FRESH and buy produce fresh from the Eastern Market daily, which means we will never have an enormous amount of anything. If you're interested in a large quantity of an item, please call us to place a special order (734) 663-7848 or email!

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