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Friday June 26th, 2015

Michigan Strawberry Season is our favorite time of year!
We drive across the state daily to grab these Michigan berries just minutes after they’ve been picked. You won’t find riper, juicier or sweeter strawberries all year long! This “Jewel” variety is known for its large size, bright red color, intense juiciness and sublime sweetness! We adore Michigan strawberries for snacking but cannot deny our real intentions: shortcake all the way! The short season will be wrapping up quickly, so now is the time to grab a full flat for the freezer! 

Local Amish Tomatoes are ripe and JUICY!

The moment that Craig and Mark haul in the first of the local, great looking tomatoes is a special one! Anticipation builds as our staff quietly leans into the abundance of boxes full of bright red fruit to take a long whiff.  And let me tell you, these Amish tomatoes are looking and smelling fantastic! The best part? They taste like REAL tomatoes! These plump beauties are ideal for slicing, so grab a few tomatoes, a bunch of basil and a couple of balls of Produce Station mozzarella and you’re in business! 


The Locally Grown List keeps growing!
Pop in this weekend to stock up on locally grown: Jacketed Cauliflower, Zucchini, Gold Bar Zucchini, Candy Onions, Rhubarb, Real English Peas, Marble Potatoes, Red Potatoes, Kale, Radishes, Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Cucumbers, Pickling Cucumbers, Boston Lettuce, Romaine, and Assorted Herbs including Opal Basil! Don’t forget to grab a few bunches of Michigan Asparagus, the season will be wrapping up shortly!

Local Garlic Scapes are incredidbly versatile!
Long, lean and bright green, these local garlic scapes need to be a part of your menu tonight! While their flavor is definitely garlicky, it’s undeniably more subtle than the clove form which makes these scapes so easy to incorporate into a plethora of dishes. Delicious both raw and sautéed, one of the coolest ways we’ve seen these prepared is to grill them whole! Try adding chopped raw garlic scapes to a mild soft cheese then spreading on toast and topping with smoked fish, or why not add couple handfuls to your next batch of pesto for a bright boost of flavor?

Two varieties of Washington Cherries are in the house!

A hybrid of the Bing and Van cherry varieties, these Rainier Cherries have got a look all their own! Their striking yellow and bright red swirled exterior protects a pale straw colored flesh. Mellower in sweetness than other cherries, Rainiers are balanced and plump with a good amount of juice. Our Sweet Cherries from Washington State are the ideal snack for a warm summer day! With plenty of juice and a burst of sugary flavor, these cherries will absolutely suffice until the Michigan crop is ready to pick!

Plumogranate Pluots are the best tasting stone fruit right now!

The pluot is a hybrid fruit made from plums and apricots. These unique fruits can range in color from yellow to green to purple to orange to peach to red to blush! Their exterior is smooth and shiny like a plum and their insides soft and slightly grainy like an apricot.  These Plumogranate Plouts are deep purple in color and are distinctively plumy. Their candy-sweet flavor is complimented by their floral aroma and superb juiciness. Don’t bother incorporating them into a recipe, eat these guys right out of your hand for the best experience! Don’t forget to grab a few Red Plums while you’re here!

It’s the right time of year for Locally Grown Seeley Farms Greens!

Straight outta Ann Arbor…Seeley Farm Greens are here to spice up your salad life! We didn’t have to travel far to find killer salad greens! Just five miles north of Ann Arbor, Seeley Farm is kicking out certified organic, colorful, delicious, crisp greens that will change up your boring salad game! 

Peaches from California will knock your socks off! 

California Yellow Peaches are synonymous with early summer around here. Undeniably less juicy than the southern varieties, if you’re partial to firmer, more intensely perfumed peaches, I think these from Cali are for you. Have you ever incorporated sweet peaches into savory recipes? We love them in this recipe for Peach BBQ Sauce! Our White Peaches have a lightly floral aroma and a super sweet flavor. Did you know that white peaches have been around longer than the more common yellow varieties? We recommend eating these white peaches out of hand to experience their unique flavor without interruption. Totally funky Peach Pie Donut Peaches are too cool to pass up! Shaped like your favorite breakfast treat, these donut peaches have got a firm texture and a soft flavor! Pro tip: kids love ‘em!

Cali Nectarines are superb for salads!

Are you on team nectarine or team peach? For us, it’s a tie every time! With their flowery, honey-like fragrance and golden pink skin, it’s nearly impossible to resist these California nectarines! This crop has got an ideal sugar-acid balance with a little pleasant tartness. Try adding a few slices of nectarine to a salad of arugula, avocado, and caramelized shallots! 

Fresh Black Mission Figs can’t be missed!

You’re probably very familiar with dried figs, but you haven’t experienced true fig bliss until you’ve tasted a perfectly ripe FRESH fig! These Black Mission Figs have a midnight blue-black, edible skin that wrinkles and sometimes tears slightly when ripe. Their soft and juicy inner flesh is pale pink in color and dotted with seeds that softly pop between your teeth when you take a bite. We love figs for their unctuous sweetness and super soft texture, especially on top of bitter green salads or served with goat cheese!

Melons are ideal for sweet or savory preparations!

Cantaloupes: not just for fruit salad! When our Produce Manager, Mark, tells you that something’s good, you listen. These cantaloupes came in smelling so sweet! We can tell their high quality by their fragrance, shape and intricate webbing. Also try the Lemon Drop Melons!  Known for their low sugar content, Lemon Drop melons stay true to their name with a sweet-tart flavor similar to lemons. Subtle hints of honeydew, melon and squash accent the nicely savory flavor of these small, cornflower yellow melons. Don’t miss the Golden Honeydew Melons! Similar to regular honeydews, these melons are set apart by their bright golden hued skin. Look for melons with a faintly sweet aroma and a slight opening at their blossom end, these factors indicate ripeness. Ripe Golden Honeydew melons will have succulent, sweet flesh. Personal Watermelons are exactly the right size for snacking! About half the size of regular watermelons, these miniatures have that wonderful melon flavor, evocative of all your favorite childhood summer memories! 

Candy Cane Beets are almost too pretty to eat!

Also called Chioggia beets, these beauties look like regular red beets on the outside, but have a gorgeous red and cream striped candy cane effect within! To highlight their color, try them shaved raw on a salad or atop a generous ball of burrata cheese!  You can also cook them as you would regular beets, but know that their brilliant stripes will fade.

Georgia Sweet Corn is a summertime go-to!

Sweet corn and summertime go together like PB&J! This bi-color sweet corn from Georgia is so tasty! Are you a boiled corn on the cob traditionalist? Or do you like to spice it up? Try shaving the kernels into a hot skillet and tossing with hot sauce, a little vinegar and peanut butter. Spoon the peanutty corn into individual Belgian endive leaves for a gorgeous and delicious appetizer! 

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