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Friday September 04, 2015
Produce subject to change without notice. We like to keep our produce FRESH by keeping our stock limited and receiving deliveries daily.
If you're looking for a large quantity of something, give us a call, and we'll do our best to set it aside for you! (734) 663-7848.

The Locally-Grown List
Sweet Corn, Pickling Dill, Red Leaf Lettuce, Green Leaf Lettuce, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Kale, Radishes, Collard Greens, Cucumbers, Romaine, Mini Carrot Bunches, Basil, Gold Bar Zucchini, New Crop White Potatoes, Green Beans, Spaghetti Squash, Acorn Squash, Butternut Squash, Mini Sweet Peppers, Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Savoy Cabbage, Yellow Doll Melons

Local Red Haven Peaches are in the house!

It seems all Michigan-grown crops have been a little later than usual this year, red haven peaches being no exception. But good news, our produce buyers searched high and low to bring you the tastiest, juiciest, sweetest red havens around! The red haven variety has become the most popular in Michigan and the standard for which other peaches are judged. The near tropical flavor of these stone fruits is exemplified by their unctuously soft flesh and plentiful juice! If you consider yourself a diehard peach lover, grab a few 2-quart baskets of red havens, or an entire half bushel if you intend to can or make jam! 

Last Call for Michigan Blueberries!

We’ve moved on to the “Elliott” blueberry variety, which means that the growing season is winding down soon! These berries are medium sized, tart and are perfect for freezing. If you haven’t exhausted your collection of blueberry recipes yet this season, try this one from Bon Appetit Magazine! Blueberry Pecan Galette! Our blueberries are also available in 5-pound boxes! Now’s the time to stock up for the freezer!

Michigan Tomatoes are now in season!

Tomato season is officially here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Make sure you’re well stocked on fresh basil and mozzarella cheese, maybe some good pasta too, then mix it up! Grab a few different varieties of Michigan tomatoes for a visually pleasing affect! 

• Michigan-Grown Slicing Tomatoes are here from our friends in Petersburg, Michigan.  We love their tomatoes because they pick them dead red! These beauties are PERFECT for Caprese salad! 

• Michigan-Grown Roma Tomatoes are traditionally used for sauce-making! Juicy and plump, these won’t disappoint in your marinara, Bolognese or Amatriciana! Buy them by the 1.5 quart basket!

• Michigan-Grown Heirloom Tomatoes! We love the unique shapes, colors and sizes of heirlooms we find this time of year! The varieties will rotate throughout the season but keep an eye out for gorgeous greens, ruby reds, deep purples, and chocolate browns! Grab yourself a couple of our large slicing heirlooms and a quart of medium-sized, super colorful tomatoes too!

• Michigan-Grown Tomatoes by the Half-Peck are perfect this time of year!  These are salad slicing sized tomatoes in a nice handy carrying box.  I can’t get enough this time of year, so I keep a box of these Michigan tomatoes on my counter at all times in case of emergencies!!

• Michigan-Grown Cherry Tomatoes are always a favorite!  We love these small, bulbous fruits for their intense flavor and that irresistible POP when you eat them whole!

Michigan Plums are in the house!

Bubblegum Plums are just too exciting! These little red plums with yellow flesh possess the distinctive flavor of bubblegum! Don’t bother baking with these, they are so tasty to eat on their own.  

Concord Grapes are here!

Concords are most commonly found in common grape juice and the grape jelly that’s simply essential to a good PB&J.  Think of all that sweet-tart flavor compacted into one juicy bite and you’ve got a Concord! Toss a bunch in your lunch box, you’ll thank us later.

Michigan Zestar and Paula Red Apples are here!

Zestars are usually the first variety to show up in the dog days of summer. We love this apple for its super crisp texture and tropical, punchy flavor! Paula Red apples are so good! Don’t miss this late summer apple! Available only into October, Paula Red apples possess a pleasingly tart flavor and good aroma. Great in back-to-school lunches or early season baking. Discovered in Sparta, MI!
JUST IN: Honeycrisp Apples, grown in the USA!

Michigan Roasting Peppers are locally-grown heroes!

We love these peppers and so will you!  Grab a container of Michigan mixed roasting peppers, hit them with some olive oil and throw them in a hot oven!  Get a nice char on them and they are ready to go!  You’ll end up with a variety of sweet and mild flavors that are perfect to spice up a salad, pair with a steak, or serve on a sandwich. 

Rose Apriums are scrumptious!

This hybrid apricot-plum fruit is super sweet when ripe, with a brightly tart finish, making them ideal for fresh eating.  They’ve inherited a nearly translucent outer fuzz from their apricot parent and a juicy flesh and dark rosy purple color from their plum counterpart.  Get the best of both worlds with delicious Rose Apriums! 

Fresh Brown Turkey Figs are in season right now!

Most of the year we can only enjoy the delicious flavor of figs through dried fruits and jams. Well, get ready for a burst of intensely figgy flavor! Fresh figs are incomparable to their dried counterpart. When the brown outter skin looks a little less than perfect and the fruit gives just slightly when gently squeezed, you know your fig is ripe and ready to eat. Take a big bite and feel the small seeds pop between your teeth as the sweet, jelly-like flesh fills your palate with unbelievable flavor! Serve these Brown Turkey figs with good cheese and a glass of hard cider for a truly amazing pairing.

Nectarines from California are in their prime right now!

White or Yellow Nectarines, the choice is yours! If you’re looking for a true sugar bomb to eat out of hand at lunchtime, consider the white nectarine. It’s floral, aromatic sweetness will delight your taste buds! For grilling and use in savory dishes, you’ll want to grab the traditional yellow variety. These guys have that amazing sweet and sour flavor with a nicely firm texture! The Saturn Nectarines that rolled in this weekend are so cute! Who can deny a funny little, squished-looking, sweet nectarine? Your kids will love them, trust us!

The Locally Grown Season is here!

Did you know that between Michigan, Ohio and Indiana there is a grand total of 37 million acres of farmland? Well, our Produce Buyers know all about it. Rain or shine, we’ve been hitting the road hard this season in search of the finest produce available. From farm to farm to farm, we’ve smelled, tasted and analyzed too many fruits and veggies to count… cherries, strawberries, tomatoes, onions, blueberries, raspberries, corn, greens, basil, melons, and the list goes on. Before you’ve even awoken for the day, our crew has been across the state and back to Ann Arbor, hauling the very best locally-grown produce, ready to unload it on eager employees and customers alike. This relentless quest to find the freshest, best tasting local produce is a true labor of love that we look forward to year after year.
This year, our quest has proved fruitful. The Produce Station is a feast for the eyes, nose and mouth right now. Savor the aroma of a plump, ruby red Michigan berry, wipe the sweet stone fruit juice off your chin, take that otherworldly first bite into the first real-tasting local tomato of the season, and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

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