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The Produce Market Update

by Andrew Gorsuch

Friday April 18, 2014

Ramps(Wild Leeks) are here from Southern Indiana!
Ramps are a sure sign of spring. They are a type of wild onion, actually belonging to the lily family, and have a unique garlic-onion flavor. Prized by Native Americans and early settlers, ramps were a welcome addition to the spring menu after a bland winters’ diet. Foraged for in the woods, hunting for ramps was the first of the forests’ delicacies. The ramps currently at The Produce Station, are from southern Indiana, and these early ramps have tender leaves which are edible.


Tarocco Blood Oranges from Italy are the best of the entire year!
All blood oranges are mutations of sweet oranges: Citrus sinensis as opposed to Citrus aurantium or bitter orange.The Tarocco is by far the sweetest and most flavorful, though with the least showy flesh of the blood oranges. Often called a half-blood, it can be as dull-colored as an old orange, with some tinting near the rind, or dark pinkish brown, like a good sunset. It has very few seeds, if any, but can be a little tough to peel. Use a sharp paring knife instead of your hands.

Beautiful Asparagus is here!

When I think about this time of year I always think asparagus.  My favorite way to prepare it is to give it a toss with some olive oil and sea salt, then throw it on the grill.  If you are looking for a real treat, wrap it in prosciutto before placing the spears on the grill!  Up next, Michigan asparagus season!  I can’t wait!

California Artichoke Season is rockin!
Years ago, artichokes were a springtime only treat. Even though they're now available year-round, their odd growing requirements still mean they're best in spring. They like a long, cool season of a kind found only in places with mild but moist winters, which means the Mediterranean, California or the like. In northern Italy and southern France, the kinds of artichokes grown vary by region, and different colors, sizes and shapes are available. 

Read the rest in The New York Times

Recipe: Artichokes Braised in Lemon and Olive Oil from Gourmet Magazine 

Ataulfo Mangoes from Mexico are a foodie’s dream!

I love Ataulfo mangoes!  Atualfo Mangoes are small, delicately shaped mangoes with a skin that ripens to a golden yellow. The flesh is velvety smooth, with almost no fibrous texture and a very thin pit. Just so you know, these mangoes hail from Mexico and are sometimes called "champagne" mangoes.   Eat them as a snack, or toss them in a salad to add a POP of sweetness!  It’s really not that complicated!
Do you know how to cut a mango?  If not, check out this video!

Looking for a POP of color? Rhubarb from Washington State will knock your socks off!
You’ve got to love the BOLD red color and tart taste of this vegetable!  I’ve really noticed the interest in this spring favorite take off recently in cooking magazines and restaurants. 
What is your favorite way to cook with rhubarb? 

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