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Friday March 27, 2015

California Strawberries are bright red and ready to enjoy! 
We brought in the BEST domestic strawberries we could find for you. These guys from Cali are supremely fragrant at their ideal ripening point! Stop by for a whiff, we’ll bet you’ll grab a package (or three)! 
*California Strawberries are 3 for $10 right now!*

Knob Onions are perfect for your spring menu!
What does every spring dish have in common? That wonderfully subtle, fresh oniony flavor! These long green knob onions will do the trick nicely. Their flavor is mellower than regular onions but a little more pungent than scallions. Try using knob onions in place of regular onions in your spring dishes or slice them in half and throw them on the grill for a dramatic and deliciously smoky side dish! When thinly sliced, the long green stems make an amazing and tasty garnish for risotto or pasta dishes too!

Artichokes are rockin’ right now!
Enjoy a bit of springtime right now! Our large artichokes will add a fresh and fun element to your meal! Our favorite way to eat them is to boil them in salted water until tender, then serve whole with a side of melted butter and lemon juice for dipping! Don’t forget to trim away the last few leaves and fibers to get to the artichoke heart- the most sumptuous and delicious part! Need a how-to on prepping and trimming artichokes? Check out this video from The New York Times! 

English Peas are making spring feel so much closer! 
English peas, also known as shell peas and garden peas, are popping with green freshness. For peas that are sweet and crisp, start by looking for shiny, firm, brightly-colored pods that feel swollen and heavy. When cooking with English peas, buy much more than you think you will need, as one pound of peas will only equate to roughly one cup of shelled peas. While it's ideal to eat garden peas as soon as they're picked, they can keep for up to three days when wrapped tightly and placed in the coolest part of the refrigerator.

Fresh Horseradish Root is a must for Passover!
This flavorful root will brighten up the heaviest of winter roasts! The secret to utilizing fresh horseradish to its fullest potential is to embrace your cheese grater! Grate a hefty sprinkle over your next pot roast, braise or hearty pasta dish for a bracing KICK of flavor. Are you preparing a traditional Seder dinner this Passover? Click here to learn more about how to prepare fresh horseradish for your meal!

Sunchokes a.k.a Jerusalem Artichokes! 
These tubers are getting more and more popular with Produce Station staff and customers alike! We love their bold CRUNCH and mellow, potato-like flavor! No need to peel, simply dice them up, toss with herbs and olive oil then into the oven! 

Red Boston Lettuce needs to be on your shopping list this week!
The tender leaves and delicate flavor of these lettuce heads make Red Boston Lettuce (aka Butter Lettuce) the ideal base for a nice spring salad! Our advice? Keep things simple to let this stunning vegetable shine. Mix up a dressing of good olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and drizzle gently over a head of Red Boston Lettuce carefully adorned with toasted pine nuts and sliced avocado. 

Larry Ann Purple Plums are an early spring treat!
In the words of Mike Ready (our produce buyer), “these are my favorite winter plum variety” translation: They are nice and sweet, and probably one of the best tasting wintertime fruits! Now’s a perfect time to try them in a rustic tart or pie! Check out our new Red Heart Plums too!

Honey Tangerines are mini flavor bombs! 
They may not look the most beautiful, but these small citrus fruits are the best in the house right now! The exact origin of the fruit is uncertain, but it's thought to be a mix of a tangerine and a sweet orange, which is called a tangor. No matter who came up with the variety, we think they are just amazing! Low in acid and superbly sweet, make the most of the end of citrus season with a few honey tangerines!

Muscat Grapes are perfectly sweet!
Known in the wine world for their ripe and intensely sweet flavor, these grapes are always a highly anticipated treat at The Produce Station! Our Muscat grapes are marble-shaped and mint green in color. Ready to pop with juicy sugary goodness, these guys have a honey-like taste with no bitterness at all! Try adorning your next artisan cheese board with a bunch of two of Muscat grapes!  

Heirloom Navel Oranges ROCK! 
At The Produce Station we LOVE old school varieties of fruits and veggies because they are packed full of flavor.  If you love a BOLD citrus taste, with nice acidity, buy heirloom navel oranges from California this weekend, they are one of the best tasting fruits in the store right now. Be sure to grab a few pounds of regular Navel Oranges too! Perfect for squeezing and to use in cocktails! Old Fashioned anyone? 

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