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Friday September 12, 2014



Locally Grown Michigan Red Haven Peaches! 
Michiganders know well that this year has been especially tough for locally grown fruits and veggies. The intense winter coupled with a chilly spring led to less than ideal growing conditions here in Michigan- to say the least. But fear not, our produce team pulled some major strings with local farmers to bring in the finest Michigan grown Red Haven Peaches the season has to offer. These peaches are truly a gift from the fruit gods considering the struggle they've gone through to make it to our baskets. These are the real deal, Michigan summertime treat we all look forward to but were afraid wouldn't happen this year. Oh... and they're eat-over-the-sink-while-the-juices-run-down-your-hands-and-chin D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!
Stop by this weekend, and grab a few, or if you are feeling energized, grab a half-bushel for canning purposes.  Either way you will be pleased! 

Michigan Tomatoes have ridiculous amounts of flavor!

•Michigan Grown Slicing Tomatoes from our friends in Petersburg, Michigan.  We love their tomatoes because they pick them dead red! Get your Caprese salad on with Produce Station House-Made Mozzarella! 

•Michigan Grown Baby Roma Tomatoes are the trademark tomato for making pasta sauce! 

•Michigan Grown Heirloom Tomatoes Did you know a seed variety has to be over 100 years old to be considered an heirloom?  We love the unique shapes, colors and sizes of heirlooms we find this time of year! ALSO CHECK OUT OUR MIXED QUARTS OF HEIRLOOMS! SIMPLY GORGEOUS! Here a few of the rotating varieties we’ve got in the house now:

 oCherokee Chocolate: rich flavor and lovely mahogany color

 oGreen Zebra: tangy flavor with a deep yellow blush when ripe

 oRed Zebra: known as the best tasting striped tomato

 oYellow Brandywine: fairly large fruits with an orange hue, who knew!

 oKellogg’s Breakfast: bright orange, very large, known for its “bold golden skin and juice, exactly the color of fresh-squeezed orange juice!”

 oMoonglow: dense and meaty flesh with few seeds, low acid with a nice sweet-tart balance

 oBlack From Tula: very large with a dark purple-brownish color, very rich and “old fashioned” sweet-spicy flavor

 oJaune Flamme: apricot colored with a fruity flavor, sweet and tart

 oMarvel Stripe: pleated yellow tomatoes with red stripes, sweet and juicy!

 oCaspian Pink: pink-red Russian beefsteak that rivals the brandywine variety in flavor

 o4th of July: small in size, very red, early ripeners 

•Michigan Grown Canning Tomatoes If you are a canner, you know these are perfect for making your secret family recipe pasta sauce.  Come grab a half-bushel or two today and get to work!

•Michigan Grown Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes are always my favorite!  Grab a pint of these gumball sized tomatoes and you are in for a color explosion on your plate.  Pair them with fresh Michigan basil, balsamic glaze and cherry sized fresh mozzarella!

•Michigan Lady Finger Tomatoes are grape size and shaped like torpedoes! Try serving them raw over a salad or roasting them whole to make the most of their unique look!

Michigan “Blue Crop” Blueberries! Buy a 5 pounder!
The season is still rocking and rolling, but ending SOON! This is our last shot of berries for the season, so get them NOW!  Let me tell you, these Blue Crop berries are plump and JUICY! They have a deep blue 'bloom' protecting them from the fiercest elements and holding in their true blueberry flavor.  NOW is the time to buy blueberries by the 5-lb box to store in your freezer! You won't find better MI blueberries than right now! Trust us, once you go 5-pounder, you never go back!

Michigan Roasting Peppers need to be on your menu tonight!
We love these peppers and so will you!  Mix and match to create a color and flavor bomb in your oven or grab a container of Michigan mixed roasting peppers! We suggest simply hitting them with some olive oil, S & P and throwing into in a hot oven!  Get a nice char on them and they are ready to go!  You’ll end up with a variety of sweet and mild flavors that are perfect to spice up a salad, pair with a steak, or serve on a sandwich.  You’ll find poblanos, banana, hot and sweet roasters and sweet orange peppers - just to name a few! Also check out our Yummy Sweet yellow peppers and Jingle Bell Peppers! They’re so sweet and have a fruity flavor that’s exacerbated by roasting or grilling!

Michigan Melons are the rock stars of summer produce!
If you are tired of the tasteless melons that some stores sell throughout the year, it’s time to come on over to The Produce Station. We take TASTE seriously, and it’s our first priority here folks! The “Minerva” variety Michigan Honeyrock Melons that Mark brought in are jam-packed with flavor right now!  “French Orange” or Chartentais Melons, grown in Michigan, have a similar flavor to cantaloupes but are slightly spicier and more floral. You can’t call yourself a real melon lover if you haven’t dove face first into one of our Personal Size Michigan Watermelons! Our Michigan Yellow Doll Melons have a bright yellow flesh and an unexpectedly uber-sweet flavor! Try any or all of these melons on their own, with salty prosciutto or in sweet & savory salads! 

Michigan Fall Crop Raspberries are here!
Around here, we jump at the sight of any fresh, local berries! These raspberries from Benton Harbor are no different, employees rejoiced when these dark magenta berries came through our doors this weekend! Mildly sweet with a nice tangy finish, these raspberries are ideal for topping cereal or baking!

Michigan Prune Plums are here! 
These little guys have got a deep indigo skin and yellow inner flesh.  As their name suggests, these plums are what eventually become prunes! However, they are also delicious eaten raw or used for baked desserts! Try them in this recipe for Prune Plum Crostata from The Kitchn 

Michigan Concord Grapes are bursting with juicy flavor!
The most widely grown grape in Michigan is here at last! Concords are most commonly found in your deep purple morning glass of grape juice. Think of all that sweet-tart flavor compacted into one juicy bite and you’ve got a Concord! Toss a bunch in your lunch box, you’ll thank us later.

The Michigan Grown List:
Corn, Acorn Squash, Butternut Squash, Eggplant, Roma Tomatoes, Summer Squash, Zucchini, Red Potatoes, White Potatoes, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Broccoli, Yellow Wax Beans, Green Beans, Seeley Farms’ Baby Kale & Arugula & Lettuces, Green Leaf Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Red Radish Bunches, Kohlrabi, Orange Beets, Purple Beets, Endive, Lacinato Kale, Dill, Collard Greens, Cilantro, Bean Sprouts

Also worth checking out:
Champagne Grapes, Tomatillos, Palmer Mangoes, Mini Bartlett Pears, Elephant Garlic, California Plums and Nectarines, English Peas, Peanut Potatoes, Brown Turkey Figs, Kadota Green Figs

Benton Harbor Fresh Market Season is here!
Did you know that The Produce Station is the only store in southeastern Michigan to travel three hours to the Benton Harbor Fresh Market in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  Why do we go to this extra effort? This is the way we bring you the priceless peaches, amazing apples, and many other specialty items you won’t find at most stores.  The Benton Harbor Fresh Market showcases the produce of over 1,000 family farms.  This market is the largest 'Cash-to-Grower' wholesale produce market in the world.   We don’t mind making the trip because we know it’s worthwhile to bring you premium Michigan produce.  When the truck arrives back at our store from Benton Harbor it is an exciting time.  Employees anxiously wait to help unload the truck and see what beautiful, unusual treats Craig and Mark have brought back for us!

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