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Friday January 23, 2015


The Winter Citrus Update!

Seville Oranges finally showed up!

These ugly looking oranges are known for their SOUR flavor and great versatility! Famously sour, tart and sometimes bitter- Seville oranges are just right to use in sweet marmalade recipes like
this one. Just make sure you separate the rough skin, pith and plethora of seeds before use in recipes! P.S these guys are also AWESOME to use in liqueur recipes! Try this one if you're feeling adventurous this weekend!

Heirloom Navel Oranges ROCK! – These are a customer favorite! At The Produce Station we LOVE old school varieties of fruits and veggies because they are packed full of flavor.  If you love a BOLD citrus taste, with nice acidity, buy heirloom navel oranges from California this weekend, they are one of the best tasting fruits in the store right now. Be sure to grab a few pounds of regular Navel Oranges too! Perfect for squeezing and to use in cocktails!
Old Fashioned anyone?  

Super tasty
 Honeybell Tangelos are here!
– So sweet and juicy with a nice POP of tart flavor and low acidity. Grown in Florida, the tangelo is a citrus fruit hybrid of tangerine and pomelo (or grapefruit). Sometimes referred to as honeybells, tangelos are the size of a fist, have a tangerine taste, and are very juicy. They generally have loose skin and are easier to peel than oranges.

Blood Oranges
are soooo good!
- Blood oranges are known for a deep purple flesh and reddish orange skin.  This orange has a distinct, sweet flavor with a hint of raspberry particular to blood oranges. Blood oranges are grown in California & Texas and are in season from December to March (Texas), and from November to May (California).  Try one in your favorite cocktail of make this awesome simple salad! Here’s a recipe for a Citrus Salad with Tarragon

Crazy-Cool Kumquats are here from Cali - At this time of year, kumquats tend to show up as table decorations or garnishes — but their beauty is much more than skin-deep. In fact, the kumquat is the only citrus fruit that can be eaten whole, skin and all! When cooked, the kumquat's combination of sweet peel and tangy flesh adds a burst of brightness to cool-weather dishes.  Like most citrus, kumquats can be used in both sweet and savory recipes, making them as delicious in quick breads as they are alongside roasted pork. Try them in this recipe for Kumquat, Peppercorn and Garlic Paste (try it on roasted chicken!)

Use Meyer Lemons in your kitchen –A beautiful cross between a regular lemon and a tangerine, Meyer Lemons are lower in acid than a typical lemon with a mild-sweet flavor and wonderful fragrance. They’re especially great in desserts or savory dishes where you don’t want the astringency of a typical lemon. Try using Meyer Lemons in this cheesecake!

Super fun
Pomelos are here!
– These large, green citrus fruits are similar to grapefruit but sweeter, firmer and a little less juicy. Covered in a thick, easy-to-peel rind that ranges in color from yellow to pink to neon green, the Pomelo contains a light yellow to pink flesh. Peel and pull into pieces or break into sections. Sometimes slightly dry to juicy, this flesh is sweet to sweet-tart in flavor and can be enjoyed like a grapefruit!

Grapefruit is here!
Sooo arromatic, these guys have been filling the store with a sweet, refreshing fragrance all week! Grapefruit is typically at its best from January through the end of the Florida grapefruit season. These are the classic, ruby grapefruits you remember your mother eating cut in half, out of a bowl, sprinkled with sugar! We love red grapefruits for their plump fruit segments, making them ideal for cutting in half and digging into with a spoon!

Cara Cara Navel Oranges
– Cara Cara oranges are also known as ‘red navel oranges’.  They originated at the Hacienda de Cara Cara in Valencia, Venezuela. Cara Cara Oranges have a bright orange peel and an absolutely lovely pink - raspberry colored flesh. Its taste is sweet with undertones of sweet-cherry, with a low acid profile. Very juicy and best when eaten fresh out of hand, Cara Caras are also popular with chefs for use in cooked sauces or citrus salads!

White Grapefruit
is uber good!
Start your morning Florida-style! Enjoy the exceptionally sweet yet mild flavor of the White Grapefruit. Florida natives have known for years that the golden fruit inside these fruits have a unique taste that rivals all other grapefruit. Try just one and you'll wish you bought more!

Leaf and Stem
Satsuma Mandarins are juicy-good and cute too!
-These small oranges are similar in appearance to the clementine, but have a much richer flavor! They are soft to the touch when ripe and contain a gush of sweet juice when you bite into them! We love the rustic look of these burnt-orange colored fruits, neatly adorned with their stems and green leaves! Lovely on a cheeseboard!
While you're here, grab a box of clementines for your daily lunchbox!


Oroblanco Grapefruits
will sweeten up your life!
 -Translated to ‘white gold’ in Spanish, these grapefruit-pomelo hybrids truly have a flavor to savor! Oroblancos lack any acidity and tartness, making them the sweetest in the grapefruit family! Their rind will range from light green to pale white in color throughout the ripening process. The best part about the Oroblanco is that the flesh is just as sweet when the fruit is green as when it’s fully ripened!

Don’t forget to grab some freshly squeezed Produce Station OJ or Grapefruit Juice- best in town!

We’re also excited about…

Florida Strawberries!
–We look forward to these BOLD red, sweet and JUICY strawberries all year long! We’ll always be partial to the wild flavor of Michigan strawberries, but these from Florida are the ideal large, bold, sweet berries you crave! They are perfect for a snack, dipping in chocolate or dicing for a salad or smoothie!  You can tell there are good things ahead when you look at these berries and see their bold red color.  Enjoy them now, while the season lasts!

Sunchokes a.k.a Jerusalem Artichokes!
-These tubers are getting more and more popular with Produce Station staff and customers alike! We love their bold CRUNCH and mellow, potato-like flavor! No need to peel, simply dice them up, toss with herbs and olive oil then into the oven! Sunchokes will brighten up any mixture of roasted veggies!

Thai Basil is here!

This southeast Asain relative of traditional basil has a complex flavor riddled with notes of spice and anise. It's much more cooking friendly than it's traditional counterpart since it stands up to higher temperatures. Try using Thai Basil in spicy stir fries, mango salads or to top roasted fish!

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