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Friday July 18, 2014


The Michigan Grown List
Rhubarb, Zucchini, Summer Squash, French Beans, Green Beans, Seeley Farms Lettuce Mixes (grown in A2!!), Bean Sprouts, Kohlrabi, Patty Pan Squash, Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Dill, Pickling Dill, Kale, Red Leaf Lettuce, Green Leaf Lettuce, Baby Beet Bunches, Cauliflower, Pickling Cucumbers.

Michigan Grown Sweet Corn is really making it feel like summer!
Another perennial favorite here at The Produce Station, Michigan grown sweet corn has finally arrived.  We currently have one of the first varieties available and let me tell you it is sweet as sugar!  You can always tell when the corn is good when Mike (our buyer) offers you a bite of a raw ear and even without being cooked – it still tastes amazing!

Michigan Grown Blueberries are sweet and juicy!
Michigan Blueberry season has started, and it is always anxiously awaited here at The Produce Station.  Our buyer, Craig Schmidt has been working hard, spending hours and hours driving from farm to farm on the western side of the state to bring you the best blueberries Michigan has to offer.  The first variety we will feature is the Dukes Variety which has been the most widely planted over the last 25 years.  Dukes’ blueberries are known for high yields of large, bright, firm blue berries. The berry flavor is superb, fresh or frozen. Buy MI Blue Crop blueberries by the 5-lb box if you’re thinking jam, they’ve got a deep blue boom and a super fresh taste!

Michigan Sweet Cherry Season has officially kicked off!
Although the season has had a slow start, Michigan’s favorite fruit crop has officially hit The Produce Station! The season is short, so grab these sweet cherries now! Their color is deep ruby red and flavor subtly sweet with that lovely tartness we all crave in a Michigan cherry! Have you ever soaked cherries in wine or brandy, skewered them then tossed on the grill? DELICIOUS over vanilla ice cream! Also try our Sweet and Rainier Cherries from Washington!

Red Knob Onion bunches are a rad color!
Knob onions, sometimes called bunch onions since they are usually tied together at their long green tops, are a teenage onion growing between young spring scallions and bulb onions that debut later in the fall.  As expected, their flavor is also somewhere in between lightly flavored scallions and stronger onions.  These Michigan grown bunches are super delicious on the grill, and use their tops- great light oniony flavor for soups and stir fries! Try this recipe for a
Grilled Radicchio and Knob Onion Salad from Serious Eats

Michigan Grown Hard Neck Garlic is here!
Did you know that there are many different types of garlic? Most of the garlic bulbs you see in supermarkets are what’s known as “soft neck garlic”. It’s distinguished by its soft, pliable stalk, its many small clustered cloves and lots of white papery wrapping, which inevitably extends its shelf life. “Hard neck garlic” is its complete opposite with a long, stiff stalk or “scape”, very few large cloves and little to no white papery covering. Hard neck garlic is also milder in taste than its counterpart and its shelf life is much shorter so enjoy it fresh!

Calimyrna Green Figs are ripe and ready to eat!
With a bright, lime green exterior and soft pink center, these figs are eye catchers for sure!  Top a salad or Crostini with them for the ultimate POP! Calimyrnas are less sugary sweet than their cousins the Black Mission Fig, possessing a nuttier, more well-balanced sweet and savory flavor profile. “The fruit was originally grown in Turkey and dubbed the Smyrna fig, for the famous ancient Turkish city. When California growers began cultivating it, they altered the name to Calimyrna.” Check out the rest of the
article and tips from Bon Appétit Magazine!

Round and cute Eight-Ball Squash is here!
These round, ball shaped squash are similar in flavor and appearance to zucchini.  Right now we’ve got them in small tennis to golf ball size making them PERFECT for use as an appetizer.  Simply sautee up your favorite summer herbs with some garlic and chopped tomatoes, fill the scooped out squashes and top with grated parmesan cheese then bake until the squash is soft! Voila!

California Soft Fruit is amazing right now!
•    Yellow and White Peaches from California
CA yellow peaches are famous around here for having bright, bursting peachy flavor! We can’t get enough! Have your ever tried a white peach?  If not, you are in for a real treat!  White peaches deliver all the sweet and juicy flavor of a traditional yellow peach, but are extremely low acid and they have an almost creamy finish.  Eat them out of hand, add them to fruit salads, or get crazy and throw them on the grill and top them with honey, chopped pistachios and mascarpone!  
•    Give our Dapple Fire and Midnight Star Pluots a shot!
The pluot is a mix between a plum and an apricot but it’s distinctively plumier in appearance.  These unique hybrid fruits can range in color from yellow to green to purple to orange to peach to red to blush! Their exterior is smooth and shiny like a plum and their insides soft and slightly grainy like an apricot.  We recommend eating pluots out of hand to get the most of their floral, candy-sweet flavor. Check out this
article and recipe idea from NPR for Pluot Salsa
•    Nectarines from California
A RAD nectarine variety from Cali, Prima Diamond nectarines are known for the bold, almost red color of their juicy and sweet flavor.  Grab a few for your kid’s lunch, stack them on the counter, or eat them out of hand.  Any way you do it, you are in for a taste sensation! Also try our White Nectarines- SO sweet and delicately flavored!

Other cool stuff worth checking out at TPS:

Cactus Pears (serve with cheese!), Melons! (Cantaloupe and Watermelons are outrageously good right now), Seeley Farms Organic Rainbow Swiss Chard, Pole Beans, Yellow Wax Beans, Grapes! (Champagne, Concord and long Witch Finger Grapes are soooo cool!)

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